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Feedback & Comments

The following quotes are an assortment of comments and email excerpts I have received from individuals who have read this blog and/or viewed some of my YouTube videos.

I started speaking out as a way to heal and deal with my own issues, the by-product of being able to bring comfort to others is a welcome one.  I continue to do this in the hopes that I can be of some help to individuals who are suffering like I did.  Truth does set you free…

I could have said what you said almost word for word. Unfortunately, my husband is still a JW so I can’t be as outspoken as you. Thank you for bravely saying what needs to be said about this horrendous religion and congratulations for escaping and thriving!

There’s plenty of sites and postings that tell why the Witnesses are wrong, how they cover up child abuse, the blood issue, etc. and plenty devoted to why they are wrong from a Christian/religious point of view.  Anyway, without belaboring the point, I found yours to be quite different, and I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you! Everything you say is 100% accurate about JW’s. It brought tears to my eyes thinking about all the ones still trapped in the religion. It took me awhile to get out and a long time to get over the indoctrination, but now I’m in a good place in my life. I’m thrilled that you got out at a young age and had the support needed to get yourself on the track of having a NORMAL life. Keep spreading the word, you have the support of thousands of us out here!

Heartfelt and honest to the core… You make many excellent points along the way… Thanks again.

Thank u for sharing u r story with us. As someone who was a JW for 29 years who escaped 2 years ago I am not bitter because all things happen for a reason and in just the right time. I am so thankful for the Internet in this day and age because it has opened up a way for people in the cult to examine the true teachings of this destructive organization. If JW’s truly believe they have the truth then what is the fear of examining these things for themselves. Mind controlled. Thank U

This was so well done. I feel so strongly about what was said here, I am happy that someone was able to say it so eloquently.

I am so grateful that you have put into words what I have felt since childhood…

Wow… that was phenomenal. I was also raised JW and I can relate to all of this…

Brilliant. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Thanks for your strength and courage to speak out. I lost a friend to this cult and it breaks my heart to think about it, but hearing you got away from them gives me hope that someday my friend might wake up and see she can make it without them…. I’m happy to see you made it out and are doing well.

Good for you , Think for yourself and find your voice… Take it from a very old Ex J/W…Be true to your own voice.

I agree on everything u said here in this video and its the same reasons i stopped studying with JW’s……truth be told, most JW’s i met are beautiful humble honest people like u said….but its their Watchtower society Organization that is the problem…

Although not an atheist myself, I must say that your investigative reasoned, and fair approach impresses me. As regards the WTS, I feel you did very well to escape from this brainwashing, damaging organization… Keep searching.

I am really enjoying your videos… I’ve been out of the JW’s since 2000 and although I haven’t really done a ton of research I must say that it has been nice to be able to do this type of youtube research to see what other ex jw’s are saying.

Hi. I was a jw, df’d twice, shunned by all. I am also an atheist. It’s a relief to see someone else who I feel has used your critical thinking skills to come to a rational conclusion about reality.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much i appreciated your youtube video. I’ve been D effed (kicked out of the house at 18 and cut off from all family from annoucement on)for about 4 years now and just recently accepted i’m not comming back. Loosing all of my family and friends has changed me in so many ways and It put a smile on my face to see an intelligent healthy mature person on the other side of that camera fearlessly alking about their life experiences. In short Thank you.

I found your writing to be refreshingly deep and inclusive of both sides of the issue… your site is unlike anything else I’ve found.  I plan to read and watch more, as it more closely represents my own experiences and resultant thoughts about it than anything else I’ve come across to date.  I know you’re not trying to be a guru, nor do I see you that way.  But it is apparent that you are capable of great thought, are well-read, and see all of this in an uncommon ‘big picture’ kind of way that escapes most people, particularly other former ex-JW’s… I thank you for your postings, from which I have benefited.  Your efforts are no doubt of enormous benefit to a great many people.


4 Responses

  1. What if 9-11 happened on the other island to a different set of buildings? Would the world be changed? Oh I’m sorry I still have some old morbid genocidal thoughts left over from the JW’s. Think happy thoughts. Christmas, Easter Bunny, Santa, Smurfs. Okay I’m Better Now. Awesome Website.

  2. Find the Lord Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. You can do this on your own you don’t need the watchtower. Get a King James version Bible and pray to God and he will set you free.

  3. Hi. I stumbled on your blog tonight while I was researching something else. I will come back and look more closely when I have more time, but I can tell, just by skimming, that you have included many profound insights here regarding the WTS as well as on some other topics. I see you have also included some videos from my friend Shazaloo over at You Tube. I’ve also put together some videos over there, although I have no where near as many as he does. My ID there is Simon61161 and you should be able to find me from his profile page since we subscribe to each other’s videos. I was raised as a JW. My parents are still JW for 35+ years and completely shun me today. If it wasn’t enough that I left the org., when I left home, I also run a counter-cult ministry (Freedom Beacon Ministries) and support groups for people coming out of cults. I have one for ex-cultists who are still interested in Christianity, and another for ex-cultists who are now Atheists, Agnostics, or are not sure whether or not they want to be involved in a religion since their experience in the cults. I’ve been at every stage along this continuum myself, in the years following my exit from the WT, so I empathize with anyone who has had to endure spiritual abuse, no matter where they are (or aren’t) in their spiritual journey. Peace to you!

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